Studying is difficult in Britain

The United Kingdom is second only to the United States in the list of Bangladeshi students’ preferences for higher education. Every year more than 4 lakh students from outside Europe come to study here.

In 2010, thousands of students came to Britain from Bangladesh on student visas in the Tier Four category. But many of them are revolving around various problems.

According to a report published by SamayTV, in the past, most of the students who came to Britain from countries like Bangladesh could have continued their studies by working part-time. However, the British government has made these regulations so strict that even if the job is far away, many are skeptical about continuing their studies properly. Bangladeshi students are also in a state of panic due to the ever-changing immigration policy.

They said, ‘What is available in Britain now is to study Setuku. All in all, studying in Britain is becoming very difficult. While living in Britain, these students are facing various problems due to immigration complications.

Immigration lawyer Dewan Chowdhury Mahadi said:

Many people are not able to return to the country year after year as the visa application is pending at the home office. They are spending uncertain time. Many have already lost loved ones.

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