Joe Alwyn Responds to Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift seldom remark on their relationship, however as of late Alwyn, 31, got serious about commitment tales in another meeting with The Wall Street Journal. “Assuming I had a pound for each time I think I’ve been informed I’ve been locked in, then I’d have a ton of pound coins,” Alwyn told WSJ. “That is to say, truly, assuming the response was indeed, I wouldn’t agree, and on the off chance that the response was no, I wouldn’t agree.”

Notwithstanding his equivocation with respect to bits of hearsay, the British entertainer was unambiguous about why he keeps a private individual life. “We live in a culture that individuals expect such a huge amount to be given,” he shared. “So that in the event that you’re not posting constantly about the thing you’re doing, how you’re going through a day or how you made a morning meal, does that make you a loner?”

“I’d likewise prefer to feel somewhat less monitored at times in interviews or in whatever sort of communications,” Alwyn conceded, “however it’s simply an automatic reaction to the way of life we live in. In the event that you give it to them, it simply opens the entryway.”

Alwyn and Swift unobtrusively started dating in late 2016. Quick affirmed their relationship during a 2017 mystery track-composing meeting for her collection notoriety when she purportedly told fans the melody “Stunning” was about Alwyn. “Fundamentally Taylor made every one of us guarantee that assuming anybody made any allegations of who this tune is about, we let them know it is 100% about her heavenly messenger beau of one year,” the fan composed on Tumblr. “This is anything but confidential. She maintained that us should tell individuals.”

Various questioners have gotten some information about Swift, however he has just answered that he doesn’t wish to discuss his private life. Be that as it may, they have been more open to being seen together at various occasions as of late, including an appearance last month at a pre-Oscars party.

As Alwyn referenced in his most recent meeting with Elle, he doesn’t think twice about private life. “It’s not actually [because I] need to be watched and private, it’s more a reaction to something different,” he made sense of. “We live in a culture that is so progressively meddling. The more you give and to be honest, regardless of whether you give it, something will be taken.”

Following quite a while of being candid about her grieved love life, Swift has additionally been mum about her sentiment with Alwyn. Two or three has teamed up on a few melodies from Swift’s new collections, with Alwyn adding to 2020’s Folklore and Evermore under his “William Bowery” pseudonym. Notwithstanding co-composing the Bon Iver two part harmony “Exile,” he likewise expressed “Champagne Problems,” “Coney Island,” and the Justin Vernon’s cooperation “Evermore” on the last option. The Favorite star brought back home a Grammy as a co-maker of Folklore after it won collection of the year at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Alwyn, who is featuring in the forthcoming Hulu transformation of Sally Rooney’s 2017 novel Conversations With Friends, has expressed not to pay special attention to more Swift songwriting credits from now on. When asked by Elle questioner Lauren Puckett-Pope assuming he would pen more tracks for his popular accomplice, he answered, “It’s anything but an arrangement of mine, no,” without referencing Swift by name.

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