Mango cultivation in Bangladesh

Mango cultivation

Mango is a popular fruit in our country. It is one of the unique delicious and nutritious fruits of diverse Bangladesh. This delicious fruit is a seasonal fruit. And mango is very popular all over the world. And there is no more desirable fruit in the world. There is no nation that does not like mango. That is why he is called the king of fruits with honor.

Mango is cultivated more or less in every region of Bangladesh. However, Rajshahi district of Bangladesh is famous for mango. Because different species of mango are cultivated in large quantities in the soil of rajshahi. Mango is supplied all over Bangladesh from rajshahi .

Description of mango tree

A mango tree is usually 35-40 m (115-130 ft) tall and has a maximum radius of 10 m (33 ft). This mango tree lives for many years. However, some species are seen to be fruitful even at the age of 300 years. And its main roots go about 8 m (20 ft) deep under the ground.

The leaves of the mango tree are evergreen, simple, periodic, 15-35 cm. Tall and 6-18 cm. Tends to be wide; The young leaves are reddish-pink in color. Mango buds emerge from the tip of the stalk, it takes about 3-6 months from bud to ripening of mango.

Mango cultivation

Mango has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. At present, mango is cultivated in almost all the major warmer climates of the world. About half of the mango production is in India alone. Other countries that produce mangoes after this are China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, North-South and Central America, South-West and Central Africa etc.

Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj in Bangladesh are famous for mangoes. Because Kansat Mango Market is known as the largest mango market in Bangladesh and Asia. Mango is very tasty and in demand in some special places including Makimpur, Chakkirti, Losipur, Jalibagan, Khanabagan.

Types of mangoes

There are several hundred varieties of mango which have been named. This delicious fruit of Bangladesh comes in many varieties. The fruits of our diverse Bangladesh are also very diverse. There are many varieties of mango. We may not be able to finish this Bangladesh seasonal fruit mango variety. And these different types of mangoes have different qualities. So this mango is a favorite fruit of almost all the people of our country.

The name of the mango

Many varieties of mango are cultivated in Bangladesh. And each of these varieties of mango has been named differently. However, among these varieties, the names of some of the varieties we all know are- Lakshan Vhog, Fazli, Ashwina, Dudhsvar, Khirsapat, Langra, Gopalbhog, Totapuri, Ranipachand, Himsagar, etc. Thousands more such mangoes are cultivated in Bangladesh.

Suffer symptoms

Among the mango varieties cultivated in Bangladesh, Lakshan Bhog (Lakhna) is a well known mango. It is slightly round in shape. And this mango is very sour in its raw state. However, after it ripens, its taste changes. Because the symptoms are degraded for sweet taste. Symptoms Mango tastes very sweet after ripening. Due to this there is a lot of demand for this variety in the market and its cultivation is very high.


Fazli Mango is a very well known variety of mango. These Fazli mangoes are elongated in shape. However, this mango can be eaten both raw and ripe. Because Fazli mango is very sweet in its raw state. However, most people eat raw mangoes.


Khirsapat is famous for its sweet taste. It is the best of all mango varieties in Bangladesh. Because this mango is very tasty and seasonal to eat. This mango has a lot of demand in the market. So Khirsapat mango is bought and sold from all over the market.


Ashwina Mango is the king of talk. This mango is almost impossible to eat raw. Because it has its own sour talk. Ashwina mango remains a little sour even after ripening. This is why I am called the king of talk.

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