How to earn money online

If you do not have a computer, you can still earn income online, but in that case you must have a smartphone. Also, since your work will be online, it is important that you have a best quality internet connection.

Online income with mobile:

If you want you can earn 10000 to 15000 rupees or more per month using your mobile phone. It depends on your hard work and dedication. If you work harder, your income will increase.

There are several ways to earn income on mobile phones. Today we will discuss with you the most popular and easy ways.

1. YouTube

According to statistics, the number of logins on YouTube is 2 billion every month. From these statistics, the market size of YouTube can be estimated very well. YouTube now stands as an alternative to TV

You can make money by making videos on mobile phone, uploading to YouTube and using monetization method. If you need to edit a video, you can easily edit it using YouTube Studio on your mobile phone. If the content quality is good then YouTube channel will work as your career option.

You may be wondering what kind of content to create to upload to YouTube. The best answer to this question is to make videos that interest you or that you like to do. For example, live streaming of games, travel blogs, food blogs, cooking, aka aki, making educational videos, ইত্যাদি

2. Online income with mobile phone by website

It is possible to earn income online through website using mobile. So managing a website using mobile is a little difficult, but possible. You can create a website with mobile and earn money online through that website.

You can earn income by selecting a category / niche, creating a website, ranking this website in Google or bringing visitors in different ways.

You can usually earn money from the internet through the website using Google Adsense, affiliate, sponsored links on the website.

3. Freelancing online income with smartphone

Are you surprised It should be a surprise. Because many people think that freelancing is not possible with mobile but freelancing mobile is also possible.

Freelancing is a popular means of online income. It is also possible to earn income online using mobile on this platform. Although most of the work on mobile is a little harder, compared to computer.

There is a lot of work to be done on freelancing websites like working with mobile. Which you can earn online from mobile.

The things that you can do with mobile on the freelancing website

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