How much money and documents will be required to get honors admission

The results of the National University Honors Admission Merit List have already been published. Students seeking admission have questions about the honors admission process, how much it will cost to be admitted and what paperwork may be required.

How much it will cost to get honors admission and what kind of documents will be required will be discussed in detail here

Students who have been placed in the first merit list for admission in Honors 1st year of National University will be able to fill online application form from 22nd May to 9th June 2022.

Fill in the online application form and submit it along with the required documents to the concerned college by 11th June. Students will be able to go to the National University Admissions website and fill in the final admission form with the correct rail number and PIN entry. Fill in the form and download and print it in PDF format.

The applicant has to sign the specified place of the printed final admission form. Along with this application form, the applicant has to submit the secondary and higher secondary / equivalent examination number sheets, attested copy of the registration card and the registration fee to the concerned college within the stipulated time.

A copy of the final admission application form will be returned to the student by the college authorities with the signature and seal of the principal responsible teacher.

How much money is required for honors admission and what documents are required, these information varies from college to college. Hundreds of public and private colleges under the National University have honors courses. The admission fee and admission procedure of these colleges are different.

To know all this you need to check the notice board of the college or the website of the college. Here I will show you how much money and documents it may take to get honors admission.

How much will it cost to be admitted to the students who are placed in the merit list of Honors / How much will it cost to be admitted to Honors (Final)

Registration fee for National University Honors Admission is Rs. 475 / – (Four Hundred and Eighty Five). But the college authorities charge different fees including Tk 475 for registration fee. All colleges have a fixed fee for admission. Among these, various fees including seminar fee, educational tour fee, salary are collected.

Although the admission fee for government colleges is not very high for admission to honors, a lot of money is required to get admission in private colleges. Honors admission costs Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 in government colleges. On the other hand, 5 to 20 thousand rupees is collected in private colleges. The amount varies from college to college. Detailed information related to this should be seen on the college website or notice board

Documents required to be admitted to Honors Chance students

• Print copy of original application form from online.
• Preliminary application form (the part given from the college at the time of application).
Passport and stamp size photo.
মূল Original Certificate / Certificate of Appreciation of SSC and HSC.
মূল SSC and HSC original number sheets.
SSC and HSC registration cards.
National Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship.
টাকা Money like amount for admission.
Note: It varies from college to college.

In case of honors admission, the documents required by the college should be photocopied in 3-4 copies of the papers. College authorities will submit photocopies of various documents at the time of admission. Students must also submit the original number sheet of HSC pass and the original number sheet of HSC pass at the time of admission.

If you want to change the subject in the merit list of Honors Admission, you have to do it if you want to change the subject while picking up the Admission Form online (Yes) and if you don’t want to do it (No). Subject to vacancies in the college and the results will be published on the web site according to the hierarchy of choice on the basis of merit. In case of change of subject, the student has to collect the subject change form from the web site in the same process and get admitted in the subject changed in the college within the stipulated date. In this case you do not have to pay any new admission fee

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