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The implementation of the new curriculum will start from 2023 AD. In this curriculum, there will be only one examination in 10th class at secondary level and one examination in eleventh and twelfth class at higher secondary level. The final results of higher secondary will be determined with the results of class XI and XII. From 2024, 8th and 9th class students will come under the new curriculum.

As such, from next 2024 AD, there will be no division of secondary level students, i.e. ninth class. And by 2025, all primary and secondary level students are being included in the new curriculumThis was stated by the Minister of Education at the last press conference on Monday (September 13) at the presentation of the draft National Curriculum Outline at Ganobhaban. Dipu Moni.

The education minister said the curriculum was designed to ensure enjoyable learning for students. This course will start piloting from next year. The implementation of the curriculum will start in 2023 AD through the students of 1st and 2nd class and 6th and 8th class. 3rd and 4th class and 8th and 9th class of 2024 AD will come under this curriculum. All the students will be brought under this curriculum by 2025 AD. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has approved the curriculum.

The education minister said that according to the new curriculum, there will be no division in the ninth and tenth classes. According to the outline given by the Minister of Education, from 2024 AD, the division of secondary level students is going up. The division of 9th class in 2024 AD and 10th class in 2025 AD is coming up. And from 2024, 8th grade students are being included in the new curriculum. Therefore, from 2024 AD, JSC examination will not be held.

The minister said that the examination will be held at the end of Pratiklas. But not public examination. Assessment will be done at the end of all classes except 1st to 3rd class. There will be a public examination at the end of the tenth class and after the eleventh and twelfth classes. At that time, the Deputy Minister of Education said, examination and assessment should not be seen in one go.

Source: Daily Education

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