HSC Exam 2022 form fillup notice

Dhaka Board of Education has issued a notification for filling up the form of HSC Examination-2022. A notice has been published on the website of Dhaka Education Board for filling up the HSC examination form for 2022. Filling of HSC exam form for 2022 will start on 6th June.

The principals of all the colleges under the Board of Secondary and Higher Education, Dhaka and all concerned have been requested to complete the various activities of filling the application form of HSC examination for 2022 in a timely manner as per the following policy.

Policy for filling the application form for HSC examination of 2022

Only students with valid registration will be able to fill up the HSC form. If a student participates in the examination of any subject / subjects outside his / her registration, the examination of that subject / subjects will be canceled without any communication.

Educational Institutions may take preparatory examinations based on the number of subjects required in the institution’s own management for greater success of the candidates in HSC examinations but these examinations are not compulsory for the candidates and no additional fee may be charged or charged for this.

Receipts of Sonali Seba purchased from any branch of Sonali Bank in favor of the Secretary of Dhaka Board of Education should be kept in the educational institution for the total fee required for the examination of the candidates.

Possible start date of HSC Exam-2022: 22/06/2022 (Monday).

Information regarding filling up of HSC Exam Forms

Display Probable list of students online: Probable list with information of students will be published on the website of Dhaka Board of Education (www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd) on 08/08/2022. Form filling (eFF) has to be completed in the following process online from 08/08/2022 to 22/07/2022 from the said possible list.

Institutions have to enter the website of Dhaka Board, click on OEMS / eFF, login with EIIN and Password, go to Probable list and print, use red ink on hard copy and determine the examinee with tick mark. The hardcopy must be selected from the Probable list displayed on the computer by matching the information of the examinee ticked in the Probable list. Select / Unselect if necessary by selecting the Temporary List Print and verifying well.

After that you have to print Pay Slip. You have to deposit the amount mentioned in Pay Slip at the nearest Sonali Bank branch (the branch where Sonali service is running). Note: Pay Slip Print can not be selected / Unselected under any circumstances.

Final Candidate List Print will be Active within 24 hours of depositing the fee money in the bank. The final candidate list has to be printed and the signature of the examinee has to be taken and the head of the institution will sign on every page.

If required, the educational institution will be able to complete the work of filling the form from the remaining students within the stipulated time in the same manner. 01 (one) copy of the printed copy with the signature of the examinee should be kept in the educational institution.

Hsc Exam form fillup notice

Candidates who have passed the HSC examination of 2021 with one or two subjects will never be able to participate in the GPA development examination.

Candidates will take part in the examination (regular and irregular) on the question paper prepared according to the syllabus of the HSC examination of 2022 regarding the syllabus and time of participation in the examination. Test time 2.00 hours.

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