How to security Gmail account

When using a smartphone or computer, we use more or less Gmail or Google account. Through this, different types of social media accounts are connected and different information is exchanged. So Gmail account is a very important platform for us. When hackers or scammers launch cyber attacks, they are the first to choose this platform.

Because if they can access the Gmail account, then they will be able to grab the various types of social media and your confidential information connected to it. It has also happened that by hacking Gmail, the hackers have reached the bank account and stolen a lot of money. So it is very important to increase the security of Gmail’s account. 3

At different times, it is seen that due to our slight mistake, the accounts are lost or we are not able to recover. It happens because of our small carelessness. Due to which it cannot be used properly as required. Then various dilemmas, conflicts and problems have to be faced. So you must take care to protect your account and protect it from hackers.

How to protect your Gmail account

Strong password

Gmail requires strong passwords at all times. Never use your name, mobile number, year of birth etc. Try to use mixed passwords all the time. If passwords are provided with personal information, scammers can easily gain access to them. So be aware of this. You need to change your password at least once every month as needed. Then the security of the account will increase.

Again there are many, forgetting passwords very quickly. In this case you can use the password manager. For this, before forgetting the password, you have to keep the password in the password manager as a backup. In this case, you need to save it in the password manager of another Gmail account. If it is kept in the same account then it will not be of any benefit. There are several password managers, the best of which is Last Password. Most social media users use it.

Keep mobile numbers attached

It has been seen at different times that it is possible to open a Gmail account without a mobile number. There are some limitations in this case. No matter how you open a Gmail account, you must have a mobile number account attached to it. If you forget the account lock or password for any reason, it can be recovered. ‌ If you do not have a mobile number, it is not easy to recover.

Use backup mail

You must use a backup mail to recover Gmail. If for some reason the account cannot be accessed, it can be accessed with the help of backup mail.

Regular backups

Access to Gmail may be lost at any time for any reason. So it is better to keep a backup of your important files. Every day as many new files are being added to Gmail, you have to break up every day. So you don’t have to face any emergency problem. You will get the files immediately. উচিত Daily backup should be taken for this.

The information needed to recover the account

Recovering a Google Account requires a lot of information. All this information should be well remembered when opening an account. These are: Gmail name, username, year of birth, mobile number used and email. These must be well preserved. If you can’t remember, write it down in a diary.

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