What is PayPal and how to use it

Many people have heard of PayPal. Those involved in online transactions must have an idea of ​​its use and benefits. Moreover, many technology users have heard the name but do not have proper knowledge about it.

PayPal is basically a system of money exchange. Through which money is exchanged from one user to another. It can be used to pay bills for any purchase. Much like mobile banking development. However, it is a transaction system with many updates.

PayPal is one of the most popular online transactions in the world. Elon Musk, currently the world’s richest man, is its co-founder. Provides 100% personal information and financial security for the transaction.

However, the sad thing is that it is not yet possible to use PayPal in our country. Because our country is not approving it. But recently PayPal has been coming for a few years. But due to various problems it has not been useful so far. ‌ Different online transaction users can use PayPal in different ways in the country.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online based payment system. Through which financial transactions are made. Not limited to online transactions only. It can be converted from online to real sense. Bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, etc. can be linked to PayPal.

In this way, the money in PayPal can be taken to the bank and converted into cash. Again, money can be taken from the bank account to PayPal and shopping can be done from there. It is a very easy and fast way to make international transactions. It is used in more than 200 countries around the world. PayPal currently has over 360 million users. PayPal has completed four billion transactions in 2020. Many companies provide office celery through it.

The way PayPal works

Two people must have a PayPal account when exchanging money between two people. Money transactions with family and friends can be done without charge. However, any service or purchase charges a small amount. PayPal’s general account is sufficient for personal transactions. If it is used in business, then you have to open a PayPal business account. More benefits can be enjoyed at the business account.

The advantage of using PayPal


PayPal provides 100% security to their users’ personal information and money. Complete every transaction using very good encryption system. Moreover, Purchase Protection is provided for every transaction. Moreover, if there is any problem with the transaction, it can be refunded and it helps in various ways as per the need.


A user can exchange money in a very short time. If you don’t have a device at hand, you can easily make a transaction by logging in with a smartphone from anyone. However, in this case, all the data has to be deleted at the end of the transaction.


It is used in more than 203 countries around the world. So there seems to be no doubt about its acceptability. Money can be easily transferred from one country to another without converting the currency of one’s own country. This is a very popular platform, especially for those who travel regularly.

Reward bonus

Reward bonus is given based on a user. Just as there are different types of rewards offered on credit card usage, there are also offers.

All in one

PayPal has a bank account system, a credit card-debit card system. ‌ So various benefits are available through one account. No separate account is required. You can use the platform as you wish.

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