How to secure bKash account

In recent years, the popularity and use of mobile banking in Bangladesh has increased a lot. It includes bKash, M Cash, U Cash, Rocket, Sure Cash, Cash and Way. The most popular and simple mobile banking method is bKash. It is possible to transact money very easily through bKash. It is used all over Bangladesh. Money can be transacted only by opening a mobile account. The development manager provides security to the users.

Being a financial transaction platform, a group of people have found a way to abuse it. They are called scammers or hackers. By using various methods, bKash steals money from users. So we must be aware of this. So that the fraudsters can cheat and take the money. 3

The way fraudsters take money

As technology advances, hackers are changing their methods and styles. Brings out new approaches. But today I will tell you about some of the methods by which they have taken money from the users in the past. The fraudster first makes a phone call identifying the development officer to a user. He then finds out all the information about her and at one point sits down to ask for her personal PIN number. Those who are aware of this never give a pin. Many are pinned for unknown reasons. Most of the time they make various threats to close the account. Many people are afraid of the April number. They can grab the money as soon as the PIN number is given.

There is another method. They first try to reset the bKash PIN to withdraw money from the bKash account. This requires an OTP number. At first they reset the development pin number and after a while they will ask for the OTP number by phone. In this case the previous strategy is adopted. If you give that number then they are yours in an instant.

Moreover, they took control of the mobile banking system by showing the temptation of different types of lotteries. In this case, their fancy way is changing day by day.

How to keep a development account secure

Fill in the registration form correctly

Apart from scammers we face development account problems for various reasons. In that case, to solve the problem, the information given during the development account has to be verified. It can be seen that now the information is given in a hurry while making it. When resetting a PIN or trying to fix a problem, the data cannot be verified due to an error. In this case, the bKash account may be closed. So the registration form has to be filled properly.

Keep the PIN secret

One of the main ways to protect development is to keep three secrets. No one can be given a PIN except a close relative. If the development officer calls someone through a phone call, he can never be given a PIN number but the number is blocked. Never ask for a user’s PIN number from a bKash officer or bKash office. These are frauds.

Cash out from the agent

Cash out from the agent at all times. There are many butcher agents to send money. In this case, they can easily cheat with you. কাজ This work can never be done without forgetting the mind.

Transaction verification

You will trade with the person and account information of the person with whom you do not transact. This will reduce the risk. Before sending money, take a good look at the amount and number of money. This reduces the chances of money going to the wrong number.

Fall into greed

Many will say by phone or SMS that you have won the lottery from bKash. করবে Will try to take money from you by showing such temptation. You can never fall into these traps. If necessary, you can check everything by calling the bKash helpline.

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