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So I was sitting at home in my city with sweat dripping from my nose, and I had no idea there was appliance insurance. I was twenty-three and had just bought my first house and BAM, my air conditioner stopped working.

Just the day before, I threw a party at my house and everyone congratulated me on buying my house, saying how responsible I was and how jealous they were. But they didn’t think my house was about twenty years old.

So what happened to my conditioner and how can I fix it?

Well, the truth is there was no air conditioning. I had a heat pump, but all I knew was that it had to be fixed quickly. I live in the deep south, so having an air conditioner isn’t just a convenience, it’s a requirement. Trust me.

My heat pump’s compressor failed, requiring the entire unit to be replaced. How much did it cost? They cost around $1,500 in total. But keep that in mind, that was over fifteen years ago! Repairing or replacing a heat pump today can easily cost over $5,000. If 16 SEER means anything to you, you know what I’m talking about.

So who needs a home warranty?

Well I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty sure I needed my home warranty when my air conditioner went out. The thing was, back then you could buy one for about two hundred dollars. So what’s the lesson you’ve learned? Every home I’ve purchased since then has been purchased with some form of appliance repair warranty or insurance. It’s easy.

Does everyone need this type of insurance?

do not. never. Let me explain. If you just bought a new house, you certainly don’t need a warranty. That is why. If you buy a new house, it will be covered by a contractor’s warranty. We’re not talking a wink and a handshake here. An entrepreneur’s warranty or guarantee is required by law in many countries to protect consumers.

What is the story about?

If you’re buying a new home, a home warranty may not be your best option. But if you’re thinking of buying a twenty-year-old home, appliance insurance can save you a few thousand dollars and give you peace of mind.

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